Meet Chris

This is our CEO Chris Badgett’s bio, but imagine your picture and information about you here.

A natural and authentic teacher, Chris Badgett has used that inclination in every business he’s started or mentored.

Through video and a successful podcast, Chris shares his extensive knowledge, not just of online learning systems, but of business models and more. To empower Learning

Chris is the CEO of LifterLMS. This tool encompasses the needs of the modern membership course creator. This tool allows you to create an integrated membership site.

He is proud that some of his top customers generate life changing amounts of money from their LifterLMS powered websites.

When he’s not building online courses and LMS software, you can find him working in his cabin, spending time in nature, or performing magic tricks for his kids.

The mission of LifterLMS is to empower learning everywhere.

~ Chris Badgett